July 8, 2016 WaM

25 Apartments Approved in Northwood

The site is located on land currently comprising no’s 36,38 and 40 Rickmansworth Road, Northwood. The total site area is 3466sqm. The existing properties are 2 storey dwelling houses. Rickmansworth Road runs to the south of the site with Greenheys Road to the north. The site falls from north to south and west to east with a fall of over 5m from north west corner to south east corner.

The proposal is for the demolition of the 3 dwellings on site and the construction of 3 linked buildings housing 25 apartments with associated parking and high quality amenity and landscape.

The proposed scheme has been designed and reads as a series of connected separate buildings, which although they share certain common details are in fact not one single mass. The proposed building has steps both in plan and elevations which create a strong sense of articulation.

The overall design approach takes reference from Queen Anne details. There is a strong eaves detail which is subtly simplified on the lower elements of the building. The yellow brickwork is broken up by corbelling and quoining emphasising elements of the façade. There is a simple stone dressing around the window openings. All these features work to break up the facade and create interest which softens the mass.

The application creates opportunities to enhance local character and add to the distinctiveness of the surrounding natural environment. The proposals utilise hard and soft landscaping details creating a mix of public and private amenity space. The slope of the site allows for the amenity podium garden to be constructed above the car parking at the rear hiding away this large area of hard standing.

The proposed design rational is to create a flowing landscape which knits together the complex levels of the site. it also creates enclosure to the private areas of amenity without the needs to structure and fencing which will prevent the sense of open space.

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