March 6, 2019 Conservation Area, Mixed Use, WaM

35-37 Peascod Street, Windsor – Approved Unanimously at Committee

The proposal is to demolish the 2 existing retail units in a poor state of repair and replace them with 2 new ground floor retail units and much needed high quality office space above. It is comprised of a 3 storey building, with a set back 4th floor.

During the development of the design, an extensive amount of Site Analysis, surveys and various option studies in both 2d and 2d were carried out. Feedback from the Pre-Application and meetings with Senior Planning Officers has resulted in a refined solution for the site.

The Design Team sought to provide a high-quality ground floor retail unit within the irregularly shaped site, creating a proposal which is a suitable replacement for the existing buildings.

Important to the scheme was continuing the architectural language to the rear of the building. Currently, the rear of the existing buildings gives a ‘back of house’ feel which the proposed scheme seeks to improve by creating a more formal facade.

The building has been designed using high quality materials and careful detailing in order to achieve a scheme which appears refined.

The proposed detailing of the windows, louvres and cladding aims to respond to the variety and rhythm seen throughout Peascod Street. The chamfered reveals add further interest with the handing of these on the 2 defined historic plots further enhances the fact that although this is one building it is 2 plots within the street scene.

The materials were chosen to compliment neighbouring buildings and add to the character of the area. They reconcile the different architectural languages to read as a coherent scheme.

Detail - Archway
Detail - Cladding
Detail - Chamfer

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