March 10, 2019 Apartments, WaM

Fern Grove, Feltham

WaM Architecture is delighted to submit in support a proposal comprehensive redevelopment of 21 Fern Grove Feltham. The application proposes the demolition of the existing warehouse and erection of 62 apartments over two blocks with all of the units being for affordable homes. The mix of the units comprises five studio apartments, thirty one one bedroom, nineteen two bedroom, and eleven three bedroom apartments.

The 0.33 hectare site is located on the edge of Feltham Town Centre immediately adjacent to Glebelands playing fields.

Feltham Station are less than 500m away to the south with regular direct services to and from London Waterloo and Reading operated by South West Trains. Nearby Hatton Cross Tube Station is on the Heathrow Branch of the Piccadilly Line.


The site is situated in a predominantly residential area. The adjacent ‘yard’ is identified as allocated site for residential development within the Local Plan, with the application site standing alone as the sole remaining industrial land located within the immediate Fern Grove Estate.

Feltham town centre is a District Centre as defined in the London Plan 2011, serving its largely suburban hinterland of Feltham North, Feltham Village, East Bedfont and Hanworth.

The proposals as evolved present a strong and engaging active frontage to the adjacent park and set up a strong building line along the existing urban edge. The facade along this aspect contains a considerable number of balconies and extensive fenestration enabling residents to fully engage with the public open space whilst the openness of the new landscape buffer between the proposals and current public route allows for the natural surveillance to greatly improve the setting of this part of the local area.

The design evolved with great consideration given to the phasing of the future aspects of the wider development area. The adjacent allocated site is not adversely effected by the proposals, the proposals in fact set up a logical and plausible second phase.

The scale of the proposed buildings will act as a transition between the 2.5 storey care home and the newly formed enhanced urban edge with Glebelands Park

The proposed material palette of blue brickwork laid in a standard stretcher bond mixed with panels of silver cedar and white render around the framed window openings breaks up and articulates the facades.

The timber is installed to run vertically to offer a blend of horizontal and vertical lines when read next to the brickwork.

The windows are proposed as a grey powder coated finish. The sit within frames of brickwork with render. This high contrast palette creates shadow and interest in elevations.

The building is deliberately very simple in its plan form and utilises a repeating and highly efficient grid.

The building employs large windows to ensure the maximum daylight and sunlight levels for future occupiers. The balconies are extensive on the development with all units benefiting from at least some private amenity space. The balconies are themselves designed to ensure increased privacy with a louvred screen incorpotated facing adjacent private amenity space.

The built form is broken up by a palette of 3 materials. The building mass is carefully articulated with the contrast between the blue brickwork, render and timber.

These materials are used simply and efficiently composing a very simple facade whose un-fussy approach breaks down the scale of the building into a series of smaller elements adding to the sense of stepping in the mass.

The landscape proposals enable the replacement of vast swathes of hard standing with a well considered and extensive, high quality landscape. The proposal sees the introduction of a number of new trees with associated planting, hedges, soft and hard landscaping. The landscape proposal for the rear of the site is a mix of new trees, hedges and lawn, to form a green landscaped buffer between the car parking area and the neighbouring properties. The car parking and access is proposed to be permeable paving.

The 3 extensive landscaped roof terraces provide a valauble semi private space for resients. The proposal is for a mix of potted small trees, hedges, shrubs, grasses and lawn. Timber decking, raised planters with mixed planting and areas of grass will create seating areas with accent lighting further enhacing the amenity.

A lot of care and attention has been taken to design a high quality landscaped solution, maximising the opportunity the site offers by being located adjacent to the public open space of Glebelands Park and enhancing the setting of the proposed scheme in the wider residential area.

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