March 15, 2019 Apartments, WaM

Stoke Road, Slough

The 0.42 hectare site is at the northern corner of a major urban regeneration area and offers great potential for a landmark building approaching Slough Town Centre from the North.

The proposal is to demolish the vacant existing building on the site, a former car showroom, and construct two buildings for residential use. It comprises a stepped 4-7 storey building with 85 apartments along Stoke Road and Mill Street and a smaller 4 1/2 storey building containing 15 apartments along Grays Place.

As part of the Pre-Application Process a number of valuable and positive meetings with Senior Officers at Slough Borough Council have taken place and informed the evolution of the scheme which has led to the now proposed scheme.

Over the last 18 months an extensive amount of Site Analysis, Surveys and various Option Studies in 2d and 3d have been carried out. The Pre-Application feedback and ongoing positive dialogue with Senior Officers at Slough BC has resulted in a refined and much improved solution for the site.


Detail - Louvres
Detail - Render 2
Detail - Timber

The two buildings have been designed using high quality materials and careful detailing in order to achieve a scheme which looks fresh and elegant and is of high design quality. The proposed materials were discussed and amended as part of the Pre-Application Process. The principle for both buildings is a mix of varying shades of brick broken up by inset areas of timber and render, with the smaller building at the rear deliberately having a more domestic appearance while still using the same materiality.

The plinth is proposed to be darker shades of brick for durability with the upper floors and the main material being lighter shades of brick. Both shades incorporate red brick in order to reflect the tone of brick which has been used in surrounding buildings.

The materials and colours have been selected to complement each other and enable the proposed buildings to sit comfortably within the streetscenes and reflect the materiality used in surrounding buildings creating a contemporary building using traditional materials.


The existing extensive hardstanding is proposed to be replaced with high quality landscaping and amenity space, with most of the car parking spaces being located in the basement. A green landscaped buffer is proposed along Stoke Road, Mill Street and Grays Place to enhance the streets cene and at the same time provide privacy for the apartments on Ground Floor.

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