April 3, 2010 Apartments, Conservation Area, WaM

Panorama, Uxbridge

The site is approximately 0.18 ha and is located at the rear of the High Street and adjacent to the Old Uxbridge and Windsor Street Conservation Area. Currently on the site is a Community Hall which is used by a Charitable Dining Centre to prepare meals for the Elderly.

This application is a revision of the application approved under Application Ref 12156/APP/2014/3099. The submission is for the same mass, bulk, scale, built form and elevational treatment. The mix of unit types has been amended to a mixture of 1 bed units and studios. This revised mix takes better account of the sustainable location and car free nature of the development.

The provision of the Community Hall and associated support remains unchanged from the previously consented scheme.


The proposal retains the height and scale of the approved residential apartment building with internal layout alterations and fenestration alterations only to reflect the increase in the number of proposed units – 73 studio and one bed apartments. The replacement community hall remains unchanged in the latest proposals.

As with the approved scheme, the stepped building envelope remains unchanged. Towards the Conservation area, on the High Street side of the site, the scale of the proposed building reduces to reference the historic buildings and, to the south of the site, the scale increases in line with the neighbouring Car Park, BT Building and the Atrium.

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