November 1, 2010 One-off Houses, WaM

Ribbon House, Wentworth Estate

The site benefits from a real sense of seclusion.  There is a defined slope across the site from East to West where a small stream passes through the site from North to South.  The concept behind the house is derived from 2 ribbons which flow through the house where they meet and entwine, sheathing the cylindrical circulation. As one ribbon winds down and enters the lower ground floor, it’s sister climbs to the rooftop where it rests at the base of the rooftop infinity pool among the tree canopy. The ribbon then emerges from the water’s edge and breaks to become a waterfall which pours into the sloping ground below. It then cascades through the landscape to return into the building reuniting with its counterpart.  The mass of the house is bedded into the topography.  The basement sits partially into the landscape with the western facade exposed behind a small retaining wall opening views over the stream as it meanders through the site.

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