January 12, 2016 WaM

Happy 5th Birthday

WaM (formerly known as Willcox and Meilwes) was born in 2014 out of Ben and Sabine deciding it was a good idea to set up a practice focussing on what they are best at. We never could have expected the success, incredible projects and people we have had the pleasure to work on and with, and the fun and countless bottles of champagne we have had along the way.

Huge thanks to David, Sam and Victoria, who joined us and started the journey with us. Thanks also to Camille, Hailey, Jason, Karen, Leah and Roberto, each very talented Architectural Students, who we wish the very best for the future in pursuing their individual careers as Architects. We are looking forward to celebrating 5 years of WaM with our incredible team of Alexa, Andrea, Brendan, David, Josh, Lucas, Marta and Mihai over this coming exciting year. Not to forget, our office dog and mascot Brutus, who will be 1 this year.

 Finally, a special thanks to all of our Clients and all the Consultants who we have worked with over the last five years. We are looking forward to many more exciting projects and consents together.

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